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Family Law

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Divorce can be such an emotional event and when you find yourself in the middle of one, the stress involved can make it difficult for you to determine what you need to do. Divorce can be complicated and it is important from the beginning, that you get the support you need to ensure that you are well-informed and well-represented.

Whether you have made the decision to file for divorce or your spouse has done so already, we are here for you. We bring our years of experience to the practice of family law and pride ourselves in providing a high level or personal service and attention to individuals going through divorce. 

Finding the right divorce attorney can be difficult and it can be costly. The attorney you choose must be professional, have your interests at heart, and be a great communicator. You must trust your attorney and feel comfortable with them. 

At The Walker Law Firm, we embody all of the above traits.  We can help you with the equitable division of marital debts and assets, child support, custody and visitation.

We handle both simple and complex disputes. Our attorneys work to minimize conflict, eliminate unnecessary expense and avoid wasting your time. We will prepare your case carefully for mediation or litigation, using every asset at our disposal.

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